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BISA, CIMMYT, and ICAR are increasing their efforts to harness the best of technology and science to tackle the food, nutrition and livelihood security challenges of South Asia. As a non-profit organization, BISA depends on the support of individuals, corporations, sponsors, and suppliers. Your donations will enable us to pursue our mission in a sustainable way.



Individuals can contribute to BISA in the form of one-off or annual donations, larger endowments, or grants.

  • Benefactors: We welcome philanthropic individuals to donate to BISA and become part of a legacy for the benefit of future generations.


  • Naming Rights Sponsors: Naming Rights Sponsors will have the opportunity to contribute towards the legacy of BISA through the input of capital. They will be granted the privilege of naming the facility of their choice in recognition of their support.


  • Supporter: We welcome the support of individuals as endorsers, ambassadors, or spokespersons to deliver the message of BISA’s mission to their local communities.

Corporate Bodies

Companies, corporations, organizations, research institutions, and associations are welcome to join CIMMYT’s and ICAR’s efforts in developing BISA into a world-class institution.

  • Research Partners: BISA sites are available to host organizations pursuing research activities in line with its mission. We look forward to partnering with research organizations and institutions to develop the BISA sites and to make the most of this opportunity to engage in multi-disciplinary research in collaboration with local organizations, universities, and research centers.


  • Outreach Partners: BISA is committed to developing technologies which can be brought to farmers and farming groups for maximum impact. We welcome the opportunity to partner with organizations which are interested in working with BISA to bring innovations in research and technology directly to farmers.


  • Exclusive Suppliers: We welcome offers from the private sector to contribute towards the vision of BISA through input supply.


Be part of the legacy…

BISA is investing in innovative solutions to provide farmers with the technology to provide more food with less water, less land, and environmentally sustainable farming methods. Its facilities will cover biotechnology and double haploid facilities including state of the art labs, greenhouses, and nurseries to accelerate breeding gains and provide better products for those who need them the most. BISA will train scientists, researchers, and students in the latest advances in agricultural science.

BISA, established in the memory of Borlaug, will champion the cause of farmers in general and that of small and marginal farmers, in particular, to make the world hunger-free now and in the times to come. Join us to become part of the legacy.


Partner with us

To discuss partnerships and support options, please contact the following:

BISA Managing Director: Dr. Arun K. Joshi (

Office Coordinator: Ms. Meenakshi Chandiramani (