Digital Agriculture

  • BISA accelerates technology development and supports its transfer to the farmers

    BISA accelerates technology development and supports its transfer to the farmers

  • BISA has been working towards advanced digital technologies that enables farmers within the agriculture value chain to improve food production.
  • BISA developed digital databases and used multiple data collection tools to accelerate technology development and support its transfer to the farmers.
  • BISA developed a detailed spatial database of agricultural vulnerabilities and access to ICT services at the national level. These channels provided real-time weather forecasts, short-term and long-term climatic risks, and information on best practices. This facilitated increased input efficiency, awareness of pest and disease contagion in a specific timeframe and management, and information on market links.
  • BISA also developed CCAFS Regional Agriculture Forecasting Tool (CRAFT) with its partners. It’s a tool that helps estimate agricultural production before the actual harvest.
  • To increase the efficiency of breeding trials, BISA developed multi-tier digital data collection tools that include Phenocart, UAV, handheld sensors, and digital cameras. These tools help accelerate the gain of High Throughput Phenotyping (HTP).

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