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Genetic Enhancement

BISA develops & disseminates thousands of elite germplasm to its national partners
  • Scientists on a Wheat Field Day at BISA Farm

    Scientists on a Wheat Field Day at BISA Farm

    • Over ten years of active wheat breeding, more than 20,000 new elite genotypes were introduced from CIMMYT, Mexico through BISA for large plot multilocation trials.
    • Several thousands of seed packets are also distributed each year to national partners and collaborators for testing and using the promising inputs in breeding programs.

More than 1,500 new improved genotypes are introduced every year from CIMMYT

  • Modern tools and technologies such as Phenocart with digital cameras and UAVs with remote sensing and an Android-based Field Book data collection app are being used to evaluate various traits and crop growth parameters.
  • Wheat germplasm from CIMMYT is tested and evaluated in replicated trials every year. Testing takes place for disease resistance,abiotic stresses and yield trials using a precision phenotyping approach at BISA research centres at Ludhiana, Jabalpur, and Samastipur.
  • BISA has also facilitated the production, certification, processing, storage, and marketing of breeder, foundation, certified, and truthful-labeled seeds of new genotypes of different crops.
  • The Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, has recognized BISA as the leader of genomic selection in wheat in India.