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Vijay Kumar Sinha, Deputy Chief Minister, Bihar Visits BISA Research Farm in Samastipur


Raj Kumar Jat

Vijay Kumar Sinha (centre), Deputy Chief Minister, Bihar with Dr. Raj Kumar Jat, Agronomist, BISA (right)

On 24th February 2024, the honorable Deputy Chief Minister Shri. Vijay Kumar Sinha visited the BISA research farm in Samastipur, Bihar. BISA, being an implementing partner in the Bihar Govt’s CRA program offers new and innovative farming techniques for the farmers of Bihar. Thus, for the deputy Chief Minister, this visit was particularly focused on having a firsthand experience of BISA’s state-of-the-art farm in Samastipur. He was given a comprehensive tour of the BISA farm by Dr. Raj Kumar Jat, a senior scientist, at BISA. Dr. Jat highlighted the role of BISA in Climate Resilient Agriculture (CRA) program of the Bihar Govt and shared the updates of the program with Mr. Sinha.   

He gave a detailed analysis on Climate Resilient Agriculture and provided a comprehensive understanding of the challenges posed by climate change and the imperative need for adaptive agricultural practices. The discussion encompassed strategies to mitigate the adverse effects of fluctuating weather patterns, emphasizing the importance of sustainable approaches. 

Mr. Sinha also visited the experimental plots dedicated to Conservation Agriculture & Organic Farming at BISA farm underscoring the significance of sustainable farming methodologies. Dr. Jat also talked about the utilization of drones in agriculture and the way precision farming techniques offer valuable insights into leveraging technology to enhance agricultural productivity. The discussion highlighted the potential of these advancements in mitigating losses attributed to climatic variability and pest infestation, thereby empowering farmers with effective solutions. 

As a symbolic gesture, Mr. Sinha actively participated in transplanting a mango seedling at the BISA farm. This act not only symbolized collective efforts against climate change but also underlined the government’s commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable agriculture.

His visit to the BISA farm in Samstipur, served as a testament to the collaborative efforts meant for  fostering agricultural resilience. Through insightful discussions, commendations, and symbolic gestures, the visit reaffirmed the commitment towards promoting sustainable agricultural practices and combating the challenges posed by climate change.

Moving forward, it is imperative to translate the insights gained from this visit into actionable initiatives. Strengthening research and extension efforts, facilitating technology adoption among farmers, and fostering partnerships between government bodies, research institutions, and the agricultural community are essential steps towards achieving agricultural resilience and sustainability.