Marianne Bänziger

Marianne Bänziger is Deputy Director General for Research and Partnerships at the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT).

As a crop physiologist with a PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH in Zurich (1992), Marianne Bänziger’s disciplinary expertise is in maize research targeted at stress environments. Prior to joining the position of DDG based in Mexico, Bänziger spent more than 10 years in Africa where she worked as Maize Breeder in Zimbabwe and later as Director of CIMMYT’s Global Maize Program based in Kenya. She initiated CIMMYT’s work on drought and low nitrogen breeding in South Africa, a program that has become one of CIMMYT’s flagships. Bänziger published over 60 articles and book chapters in peer-reviewed international journals and books, and contributed significantly to the development of drought tolerant maize varieties in Africa. In 2009, Bänziger became Deputy Director General – Research and Partnerships and has led the development of CIMMYT’s CRPs for maize and wheat.