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A BISA-CIMMYT, CCAFS and Maharashtra Government Initiative

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Climate Smart Villages in Maharashtra

On June 04, 2017 Shri Vishnu Savara, Hon’ble Minister, Dept. of Tribal Development. Govt. of Maharashtra chaired an event in Jawhar, Palghar Distrct. The event was co-chaired by Shri R. G. Kulkarni, IAS, Commissioner, Dept. of Tribal Development. Govt. of Maharashtra and Dr Arun K Joshi, Director, BISA-CIMMYT. The focus of the event was to promote climate smart agricultural practices. In a variable climate pattern, new technologies are essential to adapt, improve productivity and ensure low emission.

The event was organized to distribute agricultural machineries to the tribal farmers in Palghar district of Maharashtra as a part of larger programme entitled “Climate Smart Villages in Maharashtra”. The programme is being implemented by BISA-CIMMYT (Borlaug Institute for South Asia – International Wheat and Maize Improvement Center), CCAFS (Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security) and supported by Dept. of Tribal Development, Govt. of Maharashtra.


“Quote from Minister”

Shri Vishnu Savara Hon’ble Minister, Dept. of Tribal Development, Govt. of Maharashtra

You can’t build a peaceful world on empty stomachs and human misery.”

Norman Borlaug

In three districts of Maharashtra, namely Palghar, Gadchiroli and Pune the programme is being implemented in 1000 primary/ skilled-up villages of 11 talukas. Total 100 village clusters (each cluster consisting of 1 primary village and 9 skilled-up villages) have been identified in these districts.

In 100 primary villages farmers groups are formed to mobilize tribal farmers too adapt climate smart agricultural practices. Large quantities of quality seed of primary crops and other inputs are being supplied to the tribal farmers in the selected areas. Additionally simple and effective technologies such as zero tillage, direct seeded rice etc. are being promoted to ensure productivity with low cost interventions.

To provide real-time agro-advisories, ICT services play important role, particularly in a changing climate pattern when farmers often require crucial advices from experts. To provide weather forecast including extreme events, warning related to pest and disease outbreak, modern technologies, certification, market, insurance, schemes – mobile based ICT service is one of the most effective model. BISA in collaboration with IKSL (IFFCO Kishan Sanchar Ltd.) is rolling out a mobile based ICT service to provide agro-advisories to the enrolled farmers in three districts. In the Kharif 2017 season total 4,000 farmers are selected for the service. The service will be constantly monitored and upgraded as required to fit with the requirements of the all enrolled farmers in the due course.

Agro insurance schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) is one of the most essential component to protect farmers from uncertainties of adverse climatic impact. BISA enrolled 500 non-loanee farmers for insurance for Rabi 2016-17 season and in the process to enroll more farmers in Kharif 2017 season.


CIMMYT Emeritus Director General Dr Tom Lumpkin receives prestigious 8th Dr MS Swaminathan Award

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Dr Lumpkin receiving MSSRF AwardDr. Tom Lumpkin, former CIMMYT Director General, received 8th ‘MS Swaminathan Award for Leadership in Agriculture’ in a glittering ceremony organised by the ‘Trust for Advancement of Agricultural Sciences’ (TAAS) at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), in New Delhi on September 28. This year’s award was a special occasion as the award was given away by Dr Swaminathan himself. The Award is conferred on individuals “who have done outstanding research work in the field of agriculture, animal sciences, and fisheries.” The first award was given in 2005 by the President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, to Dr. Norman E. Borlaug, Nobel laureate who led the development and spread of high-yielding wheat varieties in the developing countries during 1960s and ’70, which culminated in Green Revilution that saved billions of people from starvation.

On this occasion, Dr Lumpkin said “I’m humbled and greatly honoured by this award. Swaminathan and Borlaug were visionaries who worked together and made their case courageously to the political leaders to get appropriate technologies into farmers’ hands. We must do the same, if South Asia is to provide nutritious food for more than 1 billion people who will live here in 2050, without further degrading land or depleting groundwater.”

While addressing the gathering, Dr Swaminathan praised the work of Dr Lumpkin in strengthening wheat and maize research in India and lauded his efforts in establishing the Borlaug Institute for South Asia.

Inauguration of Solar Pump at Ladhowal farm

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solar system inaugrationThrough the assistance of Government of Punjab, solar pump has been set up at BISA’s farm. Water wise technologies are being developed at the farm to reduce water requirement for irrigation purposes. Further, to reduce dependence on conventional energy, solar pump has been established at the Ladhowal farm.


Martin Kropff’s visit to the BISA farm at Ladhowal, Ludhiana

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visit to ladhowal farm

Dr Martin Kropff has visited the BISA farm at Ladhowal on Oct 1, 2015.  He was accompanied by CIMMYT Board Chair, Dr John Snape; Former DG CIMMYT, Dr Thomas A. Lumpkin and DDG, CIMMYT Dr Marianne Banziger. Dr H S Gupta, DG BISA; Dr H S Sidhu and Dr M L Jat from CIMMYT, appraised them of the various technologies that have been developed at the farm.